Masculinity, written and directed by women (The Rider, Leave No Trace) — honeythatsok

A year after #metoo two of the best films of 2018, The Rider and Leave No Trace, explore masculinity, written and directed by women.

via Masculinity, written and directed by women (The Rider, Leave No Trace) — honeythatsok

4 thoughts on “Masculinity, written and directed by women (The Rider, Leave No Trace) — honeythatsok

  1. Could be the beggining of a socety changing? One more little big step? I have no answer but I am sure that we will discover a hidden necessary view of men personality.

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    • Personally, I think there’ve always been people aware of the problem of imposin identity models. We’re all human. And even if we feel male or female, gender identity is not (only) like patriarchy establishes. Actually patriarchal society says women cannot be what men are like and viceversa, a d that’s completely dehumanizing for both. And for one half on top of that there’s the humiliation of accepting inferiority, too. The harm this cultural perception has done to our minds is great. That’s why we need to analyze things together a d do yons of individual thinking.

      Having differents ideas or explanations is not problematic but necessary.


    • This said, docially speaking a century- long struggle by minorities is finally being understood by majorities. This is a typical process in violent cultures like patriarchal societies – which depend on these nonviolent minorities to survive bc they’re self-destructive.


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